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Thread: Challenge! (Everyone loves a...)
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> I know I'm asking a lot.  I had thought of just counting the number of
> pulses in a given time frame (e.g., .25 seconds), then
> multiplying it out to
> a full minute, but the error would be more than a few hundred
> RPM, which
> produces unacceptable error at slower speeds.  I'd have to
> count pulses for
> at least a full second or two to get reasonable accuracy this
> way.  At 4MHz,
> this would be a 24-bit number, which isn't too bad.  I was
> just hoping there
> was an easier way.

Count pulses for a period. Based on the number of pulses in that period
(lots for high RPM, few for low RPM) decide on the size of your window. 1-2
seconds for low speed, .25 for high speed. Dynamic window size. Re-think the
window size at the end of the window (just loop). Perhaps have several
window sizes. May be easier than dealing with 24-bit numbers.

Just a thought...


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