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Thread: Ultrasonic Sensors
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Matt Bennett wrote:

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the additional info about your system. I'm still
gathering info. I like the idea Rich mentioned, am already looking
at cannabalizing my radio shack IR detector - trivial to hack, but
as usual, no info about the BP freq.

Regarding the image enhancment business, above, the idea is that
by subtracting weighted versions of the surrounding scans you
enhance what makes the center scan "different" from the surrounds.
This is basically how the retina sharpens up images produced by
photoreceptors with fuzzy receptive fields. Here's a visual
overview of retinal function:


The bipolar cells are the ones to look at. They receive input from
the center of the visual field and subtract input from the surround,
thus enhancing the difference. Strictly speaking their receptive
fields look like so:

         |   |
---+     |     |      +---
  +-----+     +------+

due to adding this

---+                  +----

to this
        |     |
       |       |
--------+       +-----------

x[distance in 2D]---->

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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