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Thread: Ultrasonic Sensors
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Wisecracker wrote:
>> This weekend I'll try stimulating my transducer, and see what
>> really happens. [Jinx, no wisecracks, mister].
>Dan, there are some complete and utter transducer stimulators
>around. You aren't one of them

[awwww, now I'm gonna cry].


Yeah, I've seen "Brat Wizard's" page before, and several other
robo-pages regarding ultrasonic sonars - most are derivative of
info in "The Robot Builder's Bonanza" by Gordon McComb. This
is the basic ckt I described previously with the NPN inverter
wanging the transducer to gnd at 40 Khz rate.

However, this goes counter to what Matt Bennett and Rich Ottosen
were saying about transducer ringing, tuned ckts, etc. Matt's
ckt is a little too large for me - about 5X bigger than the
entire PICoBot - guess I'll have to do my own stimulation.
[note to self - slip schedule on SBC40-BOT a few more weeks].


thanks, another variation.

best regards Mr J,
- danM

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