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Thread: ICD Hardware Error
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> hi,
> I have made the ICD debugger, and it doesn't work.  I have the
> board connected to the PC and it doesn't recognise the Debugger.
> I haven't connected yet the board to the target:  there is no MCU
> to debug.  Before beginning testing the board I would like to know
> if the software from microchip would give an error message in case
> of having no micro connected to debug (the header pins are not
> connected to anything). The other possibility is that my board is
> not working...
> by the way, do you know if the circuitry that uses a coll to
> generate Vpp voltage is always working ??
> thanks
> david

Hi david,

If it is the same as the microchip ICD then it needs to get its power
supply from the target. Hope its comething simple like this. From
what I've read here on the PIClist the coil is controlled by the micro
on the ICD to generate Vpp, so quite likely it only produces it when
required. Have fun!

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