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Thread: Amplifying signal to drive PortB [EE]
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At 10:49 AM 12/16/00 +1300, you wrote:
>> I need to amplify an intermittent high impedance square wave (100-
>> 200Khz, 3V no load) to wake a 16F84 using the Port B wake on
>> change feature. The problem being that I need a low component
>> count (cheap) and very low quiescent current (uA's if poss with no
>> signal) as it is a battery powered device (3v ideally but could be 6v
>> with two lithium batts (for op-amp?)) .
>> Anybody got any good ideas/circuits/help?

Maybe an old-fangled voltage doubler. 2 diodes and 2 caps.

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Subject (change) Amplifying signal to drive PortB [EE]

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