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Thread: INFO about my little robot!!( was Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??).
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Roman wrote:
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Awww man, now the bots gotta be industrial-strength too?
Hey, it's just a cheap AOL CDROM on wheels. Really.
Actually, I'm not too sure about IR distance sensors,
anyways, but eveybody has one, so .....

I figure the bumpers and ultrasonics will be more fun.

>Or alternatively, you can buy the sharp unit for about
>$12 US that does all of the above and even outputs serial
>data via one pin. :o)

[what! the whole bot doesn't cost $12]. Hmmm, how to use
one IR sensor for distance ranging, backgnd illumination
measuring, TV remote pickup, blinking hello, talking
IrDA to a Palm pilot, sensing homing beacons, and navigation
measurements on the moon and the sun ..... and only use 5
components besides. Not so hard.

- danM

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Subject (change) INFO about my little robot!!( was Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??).

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