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Thread: INFO about my little robot!!( was Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??).
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Roman Black wrote:
>I think something like this will work, if I'm guessing right
>you are using the opto sensors made for receiving infra red
>remote signals? These are tuned for a specific frequency.

No, the QSE156QT's do not have a BP filter, so they are more
flexible, altough a little less sensitive. So you can take
the data raw or add your own filter, or do both - as I
have previously:

 (0-5v)  |
                    R C
                    | |

>Also you will find that reflectiveness of infra red varies
>greatly with color of the surface, can vary 10:1 with matt
>black to shiny white. This is often more variance than the
>useful range.

Yes, this is why I want to be able to control the output energy
of both IR LED and ultrasonic xmtr. Varying energy will help get
some feedback about different reflectances and distances. To do
this, all I need is a way to convert pulse-widths to voltage, ie
variation of PWM -> RC filter = analog. Use this to power LED/USxmtr.

>These sensors can be good for floor detectors (sumo?) so
>bot doesn't fall off the table.

Ha, only you want to run your bots up on shelves in the

>For range detecting I suggest the Sharp module that
>is good for 10cm to 100cm, with serial output. Or some
>tricky aperture/angle with two sensors can give ranging.

My experience is IR bounces well off of just about anything
[you can point your TV remote away from the TV and can still
channel surf via the bounce], so I don't think aperture is
the biggest issue here. For good IR ranging, probably
control over LED output energy is more important. This is
my gut talking.

>PS. The module you have has internal ac amp, so even using
>narrow pulse width will still give a good detection. Maybe
>reduce led current??

Yes, as described above.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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Subject (change) INFO about my little robot!!( was Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??).

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