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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Roman Black wrote:
>Dan Michaels wrote:
>> Aww, nuts, time to reboot. Now I mucked everything up here.
>> Forget the last couple of messages.
>> Looking again, there are 4 "separate" drivers in each L293
>> chip that you can wire up in different ways. Each driver
>> output has both PNP pullup and NPN pulldown. So it only
>> takes 2 drivers to form one H-bridge. And obviously you
>> can control a 5-wire stepper with a single chip in a
>> straightforward manner. No funny games. Sorry.
>> - danM
>Dan, you're a legend.

Yeah - tell me about it.

I was too stupid to realise
>that the L293 has DUAL h-bridges. I read through my
>datasheet. :o)


>So your new board will drive two steppers fine!


>Will the L293 be DIL style packs or the flat pack
>(easier to heatsink)?

Present plan is 16-pin DIPs to keep the pcb low profile.
I realize this will compromise max motor size, but 1) will
have as much copper as possible devoted to heatsinking,
2) can glue small DIP-package heatsinks to chips, 3) should
handle currents ok for small bots, 4) due to 2 H-bridges in
each chip, outputs can be paralleled, and still run 2 motors,
5) big guns can use a separate H-bridge board. So........

I am looking forward to buying
>a couple of single board units, this dual h-bridge
>option will be a dream come true for many of the
>applications I build.

Wow, a dream come true :). Ok, you can send the $$$ "anytime"
via PayPal. We're all in the same loop now.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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