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Thread: Technology Run Amuck??
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True story - newest GPS apps I have heard about recently:

1 - Cow Herding. Seems if you kick a cow's rump, and yell in
its ear, it will move ahead and "away" from the sound. So they
now have cowcollars with GPS tracking, a computer range
mapper, and stereo earphones. If the cow wanders, the computer
checks the GPS and yells in the appropriate ear to direct the
cow back to the proper range area. $30,000 per cow now, but mass
production will bring the prices down of course. [almost as
good as that guy from the UK who implanted the chip in his
arm so his wife could keep track of him].

BTW, any guesses as to what the cows like to listen to, in
between getting whacked and yelled at?

2 - Parking Space OneUpsManShip. They now have an easy way to
find an open space in a parking lot. A satellite in space snaps
a picture of the lot, and identifies open spaces. It then sends
info down to the car computer which then uses GPS plus the
traveling salesman algorithm to direct the car via the shortest
possible route to the open space. It also tracks any enemy
cars that may get to the space first, so it can then send the
good car to a 2nd priority space. [available by xmas, except
in NZ]. Mark II will eventually download a complete visual
map of the parking lot to the onboard computer.

Can anyone top 1 or 2? [would anyone dare to? NZ - you guys
still awake?]

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