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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Roman Black wrote:
>> Darn, Roman, sure is nice to have a milling machine!!
>> [just kidding :)].
>Actually I have got one! :o) But i still like the speed
>of wire metal frames, and the strength/weight factor.

[I know - that's why I said it].

>Ha ha! Actually it didn't take long to build. A couple of
>hours on a rainy night. In all the days you've been talking
>about CD platforms I could have built a couple of these.:o)

I coulda drilled 9 holes in a CD too, but I keep having to
go back and redesign my SBC every time someone mentions
something new on piclist :).

>The round thing is a ballast weight, he is meant to have
>different attachments on the front. Mainly a vacuum motor.

Where did you get a vacuum cleaner small enuf to fit on
your ClipBot, and how does it know where to go? I didn't
see much in the way of sensors on it.

And it's a he, is it? How can you tell?

>It has plenty of torque but the main advantage is the stepper
I've also worked with DC motors and encoders, and
>its not the same, hunting, overshoot, lag, load dependent
>resonance problems, etc etc. If I can use steppers that I
>have lying around I prefer that.

Have you tried servos? They seem to be very popular with
the Handyboard set.

- danM

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