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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Steve wrote:

>I went with the 203.7:1. Less speed more torque. The wood is actually
>quite lite, almost weighs nothing. I think it is called "balsa" wood (I
>might be wrong).

The old balsa wood was lighter than feathers and only about
1/10 as strong. Could squeeze it flat between your fingers.
I think termites secrete it.

>The heavy part is the rest of the body, it is for my 3 year old son so I am
>to enclose everything so he can't get to the electronics.

Thanks, I'll have to keep weight in mind, as I am using the
same motor lashup. Begins to sound like they must just something
more powerful in the Radio Shack tanks.

- danM

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