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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Roman Black wrote:
>This is a bit of an ask, would it be possible to
>have four h-bridge chips to allow two uni/bipolar
>steppers driven, (or 4 dc motors) rather than just
>2 for 2 dc motors? This would make it very attractive
>for some of the projects I do. Also it is the perfect
>size for micromouse competition which many people
>prefer steppers. :o)

Um, not with maintaining the present SBC footprint. Also,
adding 4 chips would pretty much eat "all" the PIC I/O pins.
Each chip requires 4 control and 2 enable lines - and I am
keeping them as separated as possible to allow flexibility.

However, you "can" use the 4 separate drivers of the H-bridge
chips individually, so you can drive 8 separate windings as
it is. Wouldn't this run 2 stepper motors ok?

I guess because 2 drivers are hi-side and 2 lo-side, you could
not handle a stepper with any common lines common to all 4
windings. Have to mix and match:

Hi-side-drvr-----+           Vss
                |            |
          W1  @@@@@        @@@@@  W2
                |            |
               gnd       lo-side drvr

Wouldn't this work?
- danM

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