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Thread: cheap gameboy cameras
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>It should be possible to talk to these directly but I can't
>find technical>details from anyone who has done it.
>Is anyone aware of an interface directly to these cameras -
>using a PIC or>otherwise.

Following site has tech details about the artificial retina
chip - ARC:


[NZ, Christchurch - you know these guys, Jinxman?? Just done
the street]

128x128 pixels, 256 grey levels, produces up to 30 frames/sec
using a 500 khz clock. Well within the frequency range of a
PIC, but you need some place to store 128x128=16,384 bytes
of data/frame. Maybe one of the 17Cxxx PICs with direct
memory addressing for frame store.

The ARC has some interesting real-time capability - negative
images, edge enhancement, gain control, variable exposure times,
2-D edge extraction.

Maybe the new scenix chip could handle secondary processing for
a minibot or other app.

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