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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Henry Low wrote:
>hey guys, I tot this was suppose to be a thread abt the PIC16F877??

To inject some PIC back into this thread ..... here is a rough
sketch of my PICoBotboard plans:

- modify my existing PIC40 SBC for use as a botboard. This board can
 use '74/77/etc:


- new layout - remove SRAM and add cktry for motor control, plus
 sound, IR, ultrasonic, and bumper sensors:

         --------+       bank of 8 uncommitted LEDs + series-Rs
                 |  1 A/D
                 |<---/-- 4-input R-divider [input from bumper sw,
                 |                       output to PIC A/D channel]
                 | 2 DI/O
                 |<---/--> IR LED + QSE156QT optologic detector
           PIC40 |
                 |  2 A/D
                 |<---/--- LM324 [4 opamps - setup as 2-stage hi-gain AC-
                 |            coupled amps for mike and ultrasonic rcvr]
                 | 10 DI/O
                 |---/----> L293D [2 ea - setup as H-bridges]
                 |   2 PWM [motor speed - to enable inputs]
         --------+   8 DI/O [control signal inputs]

- LEDs can be jumpered to provide visual indication of subsystem operation.

- The L293D chips can be setup as 2 H-bridges to drive the Tamiya
 twin-motors. For other apps, the channels can be separated to drive
 up to 8 individual motors.

- Still working out sensor details. For IR object detector, can
 drive IR LED directly off PIC pin at 20-40Khz, and pickup using a
 QSE156QT optologic sensor --> straight to PIC. This sensor could
 also pickup up signals from a TV remote or Palm.

- For long-range ultrasonics, I have a transducer set from Jameco, but
 minimal spec data is available [Jameco doesn't even know the name of
 the maufacturer!!]. However, plan to use BJT inverter to drive xmtr,
 and run rcvr --> 1st LM324 2-stage amp --> integrator --> PIC A/D.

- For sound pickup, electret --> 2nd LM324 2-stage amp --> PIC A/D.

- For bumpers, 4 microswitches --> 4-input R-divider --> PIC A/D.

I figure I can squeeze this all onto my SBC40 form-factor, 2.5"x3.6",
and still have plenty of pins left over for RS-232, an I2C serial
EEPROM chip, up to 5 more A/D channels, and up to 6-8 digital I/O

so much for now,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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