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Thread: PSX mod chip for PSOne
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As per the PICList FAQ:

Q. Is the PICList a good place to ask for / post cracks for PIC related

A. Remember that the PICList is a public forum. Most of its members are
working engineers. Asking for a crack will typically get you nothing but
advice to pay for what you get. In the past, cracks posted to the list have
evoked mixed responses ranging from offlist threats, to onlist thanks and
have started some flame threads about hacking and cracking and software
licenses and prices in general which always end up being a waste of
bandwidth. List members have been known to forward cracking related threads
to the maker of the product being cracked with full header information
(including your email address, and who your ISP is).

We can't stop people from posting things that are not legal. We do not
approve of software piracy and will remove from the list individuals who
show a flagrant disregard for the rights (and efforts) of others. We will
forcibly kill flame threads that have no bearing on PICs and are not
appropriate to the list.

Jory says: "...[we can't prevent] PICList people [from pirating] software,
since that is everyone's own choice, ... i don't want to police such things,
but please keep in mind the nature of your communication, and the nature of
a public list and decide what is appropriate."

Let's keep cracking off the PICList, there are plenty of other lists for
that, and as always, please mark anything not directly related to PIC
engineering with an [OT] : or [EE]: at the beginning of the subject line.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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