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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   Steve, Dan and I are also building PIC-based robots and have looked at
>the TAMIYA gearbox. My main concerns with using it is the torque and the
>ability to hack a tach onto each motor. Right now I'm hacking a Radio SHack
>R/C car and replaced the motor with decent results but it's just a test-bed
>until I build a decent platform with dual motors.

Hi Tom,

Got some follow-up info --> good stuff available NO-wheres else that
I could ever find. Went down and got the Tamiya twin-motor gear-train
[$11.50 at one of the local hobby shops]. They use the "130" motors,
apparently identical to the bantam weight FA130RA2270 shown in the
Jameco catalog. Spec'ed at 1.5-3v, 200mA, 9100RPM, $0.99.

Set it up for the slower 203:1 gearing, uses 4 gearsets with about
4:1 reduction each. It is actually quite torque-y, and hard to stall
by squeezing the output shaft. You cannot move the motor shaft by
trying to hand-turn the final "gear".

Runs well at ~2.0v on the motor, drawing ~500mA @ 48RPM output
--> motor doing about 9700RPM. 3v on the motor is a little much,
drawing ~1000mA.

All in all, looks pretty good for my first project, using "free" AOL
CDROMs for the body, and running off a couple of L293D H-bridges
and 3-4 AA's. Got enough info now to go ahead and design my new SBC.

Ever get your car to run "slow" enough?

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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