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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   Steve, Dan and I are also building PIC-based robots and have looked at
>the TAMIYA gearbox. My main concerns with using it is the torque and the
>ability to hack a tach onto each motor.

Hello again, Tom,

I was wondering if you were still going this route, or whether the
flame had sputtered. Well, you're building, I'm still dreaming, in
betweenst <-- :) --> all the other projects. I am however designing
my own botboard based upon a PIC74/77, and hope to send away for pcbs
in a week or so. Most available boards use the 68HC11 chips.
Preliminary info:


I have been researching various motor options and plan to use the
Tamiya twin-motor set on my initial effort. Not wanting to do a lot
of mechanical fabs, I plan to build it using a couple of "spare"
AOL CDROMs for the body. I figure 9 drilled holes will do the whole

Once I know a little more about motor current reqs, I can design
the motor drive on my SBC. Hopefully the L293D chip @ 600 mA will
handle the small motors for a small bot - but probably not for a
larger one.

>   As far as IR sensors, I lost the link but there's a simple design using a
>PIC12C508, two IR LEDs pointing front-left and right, and a typical Sharp IR
>receiver. You can adjust the sensitivity via software by changing the
>modulation frequency.

I put up a lot of robo-hack links on my page, with special emphasis
to sites with motor control and IR sensor stuff. There are also some
ultrasonic sensor systems and cool bat detectors. K.Leang has some
good all-around info.


best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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