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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Steven Kosmerchock wrote:
>I am using 2 "Tracked Vehicle Chasis" from TAMIYA (http://www.tamiya.com/).
>as the mobile platform. I found a better hackable one at http://www.robotstore.com
>3-354 - Bulldozer Kit - $37.95
>Or you can buy just the motor:
>3-709 - Twin Motor Gear Box Kit - $19.95

Hi Steve, as you are using the exact motor system I have been
planning to buy, and as they never seem to publish the info I
want, can you tell me about how much current the motors draw in
various loading situations?

I want to use the L293D H-bridge chips, which are rated for 600mA
tops [ie, with good heat sinking]. Did you need to use an H-bridge
rated greater than this?

- dan michaels

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