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Thread: Robotics with PIC16F877 anyone??
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Henry Low wrote:
>hi Michaels,
>    I have been surfing the net for similar robotic applications using the
>PIC16F877 but I just could not find any useful materials.

Yes, I have searched the web a lot voer the past several weeks myself,
and found that the vast majority of available boards use the 68HC11
processor, no doubt stemming from those originally developed at MIT
- course 6.270. There appear to be few PIC-based boards available
- so being a PIC enthusiast, I decided to produce my own :).

Being a "premier" hacker, I have put up a lot of links dealing
especially with robo-hacking on my site, including links to 68HC11
controller boards/etc:


My robot is really
>simple, its sole objective is obstacle avoidance and being able to move
>around the room without getting stuck. After I have achieved that, I might
>add on a mapping feature to it or a "seeking warmest object task".
>Anyway, why did u ask "Finding the '877 adequate to the task?", isn't 877
>quite sufficient for my application?? It has got PWM output, and sufficient
>I/O lines for me i think.

I just asking since I wasn't too sure how far along the project you were
[and also fishing for some MotHC11 user to comment]. And yes, I think
the '877 chips have plenty of capability for this type of project.

Actually, I am a real newbie in programming this
>chip, in fact this is my first time working with microcontroller. I wonder
>if source code of other PIC chips are useable for 877?? I hope to get some
>relevant source code of similar nature (like motor control, sensor
>interface) for reference so that I may pick up the fun faster.
>    Hope to hear from you soon.

Yes, all of the 2nd generation-PIC source is pretty much interchangeable
between processors - although you do have to take into account the
different pinouts and memory mapping as the chip resources grow.

I haven't written any source for this project yet, but am currently
working on design of a pcb that will include motor control, IR and
ultrasonic sensors, general digital I/O, 40-pin PIC, etc. It will
be a small board with L293D chips for direct control of a couple
of small motors.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels

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