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Thread: Palm Handhelds
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John Waters wrote:
>I plan to buy a Palm Handhelds, but am considering whether to pick the
>original Palm III or a compatible like the "Visor" from Handspring. Can
>anyone give a recommendation?

Hi John, I'm not very experienced with Palms, but I did just
buy my first one on Sunday - so I'll give you the feelings
of a Palm newbie.

Got a IIIxe, and will tell you why I decided on this particular
one. 8MB RAM, OS upgradeable, not interested in RF modem email or
using it to websurf [don't plan to get a cellular phone either].
Uses 2 AAA cells - didn't want to have to worry about "another"
damn thing with battery charging. Don't really care about color

Many people like the Visor because of its expansion port. However,
it does appear to only come std with USB cable nowadays. And after
surfing around the Visor website for about 20 minutes regarding
upgradability of the OS, I finally discovered - buried deep down
in some obscure page - that the Visor OS is NOT upgradeable - you
need to plug a module into the expansion port to run a newer OS.

This alone caused me not to want to buy the Visor - although
in truth I don't really know how important OS upgradability is.
I do know that Alice Campbell has upgraded her Palm Pro OS a
couple of times.

I plan to use my Palm mainly to talk to my little PIC dataloggers
and SBC devices via the RS-232 port or possibly via IR - and
I decided the IIIxe would be a good platform for this. I plan
to write my own Palm apps to do this, and have been gathering
links about Palm h.w. and s.w. hacking on my site:


Lastly, right now Palm has a $50 holidays mail-in rebate,
plus I bought the IIIxe at Best Buy this past sunday, where it
was already priced $50 off list --> $150 total - heck of a deal.

hope this helps,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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