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Thread: Serial RAM for 16F84?
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Imre wrote:
>Theoretically, there is a possible workaround:
>take a SRAM (e. g. 6264) and fit to a PIC, which has an I2C connection to
>the world. It is surely doable (I did it), but needs a lot of area on PCB
>and some additional components.
>Any further ideas?

parallaxinc.com has a small SRAM board with RS232 I/F and 8KB
SRAM standard. Expensive at $30+ [but Stamp users would appear to
have loads and loads of $$$].

Also, I produced a couple of PIC<->SRAM boards last summer. One
I have for sale as a complete PIC40 SBC.

The other project I never finished the firmware for --> pcb is
1.75"x2.5" [44x64mm], has layout for two 32KByte PDIP SRAMs,
16C64/74, and 15-pin header so the RAM is accessible by
RS-232/I2C/SPI comm, or directly on 8 parallel datalines + control
signals. Basically an extension of the parallax concept. If anyone
wants to roll their own PIC40 firmware, I have 10 of these pcbs
available - cost me $8/each from APCircuits  - add a little markup.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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