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Hi Adam,

What is your source for the claim that a few dozen years ago Algebra was
the highest math class taught at Harvard? I'm not sure you are wrong, but
if that is true, Harvard must have been peculiar. Most schools have had a
math department for a long time, and certainly they wouldn't have taught
anything lower than Algebra (arithmetic has always been required in
elementary and secondary school, and geometry has been common in secondary
school for a long time), so you would essentially be saying that they only
taught one class.


At 11:35 AM 11/30/00 -0500, you wrote:
>It was only a few dozen years ago that the highest math class taught at
>Harvard was Algebra.  We now teach algebra to our 12-year olds in school.
>If all of the math formulas, concepts and algorithms were kept secret and
>only sold to the highest bidder when they were discovered/derived, we'd
>still be learning fractions.  I want to see new PIC users standing on the
>shoulders of great code contributers, and fast-forward our collective

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