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Thread: Low Battery Sensing
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Roman Black wrote:
>Hi Dan,
>        I have a battery voltage sensor using one PIC pin
>that doesn't need the ADC feature, so it can be used on
>any cheaper PIC that only has digital inputs. It does
>require that the PIC is run from a regulator and the battery
>voltage changes but the PIC Vdd does not. It uses about 30uA
>so is useful for some circuits.
>It uses two resistors and one small ceramic cap.

Of course, mine is soooo much slicker, cause I do use an
A/D channel <-- choice of control freaks everywhere.

So when you gonna show your ckt, anyways, Roman? [use large
Rs, pull down pin, switch pin to input, count seconds for pin
to exceed Vin(threshold)].

- danM

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