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Thread: can't read an input after a while...
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   Sorry if see this twice but I had some troubles with my e-mail...

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Subject: [PIC]: can't read an input after a while...

|     Hi all:
|     I'm doing a simple program that acording to some combination of imputs
| gives some combination of outputs... I'm using a PIC16C73B and something
| really strange happened... two pin ports (RB6 and RB7) works well (as
| imputs) but suddenly they don't work anymore (seems like they are not
| at that moment) while the rest of imputs works well... I have all
| interruptions disable, I also try four diferents PICs and same problem, I
| guess is not a code problem because it happens any time, sometimes takes
| longer than other to happen but happens...
|     It is possible that those pins change their configuration? (because of
| noise or something) if some body has some expirience with it and can help
| I'll be very thankful...
|     Regards,
|     Gonzalo

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Subject (change) can't read an input after a while...

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