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Thread: Oscillator question
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Ruben Jvnsson wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have a design with a SX18 which originally used the internal RC-osc
>at 4 MHz. At tests it has showed that this is not accurate enough. I
>then switched to a 4MHz ceramic resonator to get better accuracy. I
>also have a header with connections to the both osc-pins, 5V and 0V,
>used for programming and debugging. However, when I touch this header
>with my fingers (the osc-pins) the oscillator frequency goes off and
>sometimes the oscillator also stops and won't start again unless I
>cycle the power off and on again.
>Is this normal behavior or is it something I should be worried about?
>Would the same happen if I use a crystal instead?

Hello Ruben, there are many different oscillator selections
on the SX chips, and you might try other selections to see if
something else is more stable. There are also "long" sheets of
errata notes for the SX parts, and you might look thru those

- dan michaels

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