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Thread: Coil Imprinted on PCB
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>You have totally confused me now. I don't have the feintest idea what the
>ohms/mm is all about. But lets put it this way. I will be using the
>oscillator circuits in transmitters and receivers. The one will transmit at
>+- 100MHz (FM Band) and the other at approxiamately 280 MHz.
>What can you tell me about this?

You can definitely get there, but there's some things to watch out for..
Coils built in this manner couple easily to external circuits, and nearby
components will affect their inductance.  A conventional inductor (toko,
from digikey) is way more predictable, if not lower cost.

You can get to larger values too, just clamp an RM-4 core around it,
through cutouts in the PCB.
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