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Thread: Scenix programming and debug
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Russell wrote:
>> Available hardware will suffice for the present project but has led me to
>> wondering what hobbyist level products are in use if I get enthused
>> to point others towards the SX. I looked at the SX: material on this list
>> not much mention of programmers that I could see. My (less than
>> web searches seem to indicate a general lack of resources.

Wouter wrote:
>I used fluffy (assuming that is the programmer you mean - 16x84 based) with
>succes, until someone was kind enough to send me some SXBlitz/Key's. NB my
>Jal compiler does support the SX18 and SX28.

Hey Wouter, PayPal now does international transfers --> Netherlands is
on the list --> you're no longer a credit card outcast [and people can
buy your stuff, too :-)].

Re SX tools, I have been using the SX-Blitz for 1 1/2 years now - works
great for me - $59 from jameco.com. SX-Key is better + much more $$$$$,
if you really need a Debug capability.

SX resources:

http://www.svtehs.com/scenix.htm <-- Alexey's site

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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