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Thread: Mosfet / Relay or ?
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I'm working on a automotive project and have a 12vdc signal
that spikes around occasionally (spike = +/- 1v).
I need to eliminate these occasional spikes. I have a smooth
12vdc supply to work with also. Switching time not important,
current is aprx. 1-2A. My thoughts where to interupt the first 12vdc
signal and use it to fire off the 2nd smooth 12vdc supply via a relay
or power mosfet. A sprinklering of cap's didn't seem to help (maybe
just not big enough). The power mosfet would seem to need some
type of conversion on the gate 12vdc to 5vdc etc. A conventional
automotive relay just seems like the old way.
I'm going blind thinking about it, any help to make sure I'm going in
the right direction would be great.

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