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Thread: [sxtech] [sx]: SCENIX VIDEO VIRTUAL PERIPHERAL Design Challenge and Co
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29 Nov 00, James Newton writes to All:

s> Ok, its time for us Scenix users to put this PIC video thing to rest... We
s> alone have the speed required in a low cost micro controller to really make
s> it happen!

Yes, it's really good application for the SX...

s> ...or reading in a new line from an external serial RAM
s> http://www.sxlist.com/techref/mem/srams.htm

Probably, one can have some character data at the small external FRAM.
Typical 8x8 CGA/EGA generator is 1024 bytes.

s> FRAM is $2.95 each for the 2kByte part

Sorry, $1.33 for FM24LC16 in single qty, $1.27 for 100 pcs at our

s> To generate character data for 128 characters, a 5 x 7 character
s> matrix is 640 bytes of data in FLASH (hard to rotate though...). Or
s> 1536 bytes with a 8 x 12 matrix. Use IREAD so you won't have any
s> problems with big tables. Really only need 95 characters.

External character data looks better, living more program memory for
application and will be easy modified for different codepages (actual for
all non-english countries).

s> - Drop-in Big Screen replacement for an LCD panel. Very nice when you need
s> to see the status of the device you are operating from across the room.

Yes. Something, that can be attached to the same connector, where HD44780-based
LCD indicator already works. Few settings - what indicator it should emulate
(for example, 8x1, 16x1, 24x1, 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, etc...) and how big should be
symbols/digits on the display.

s> - Combine with RF modulator and small antenna for a wireless status
s> display from a device in motion... bio monitor, robot, RC car or
s> plane, etc...

;-) Good idea.

s> Could also overlay video from an on-board camera. Battery level,
s> debugging info, etc...


s> - TV overlay kitchen timer. Bake the cake while watching Opra.

TV overlay urgent e-mail messages from the computer, from the Internet-enabled
washing mashine, like this one
or just for internet-enabled coffee machine, like this

s> - General use: Much cheaper than an LCD panel since you already have a
s> TV.

With small b/w monitor - yes.

s> - Worlds smallest (SMT) video game?

Already done by some company (sorry, NDA)...

s> - A small device for the deaf that says "telephone is ringing" etc...
s> on the TV.

Yes. Also GSM SMS to TV gateway...

In general, very good idea...


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