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Thread: Scenix_programming_and_debug ?
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29 Nov 00, Russell McMahon writes to All:

P> Question:             What are other people using for amateur/hobbyist
P>                       level Scenix programming and debug?

One of the most popular Scenix tools - SX-DEV in-circuit debugger/programmer.
It can be used in power-critical applications (draws less than 5 mA from the
target board), support all features of SX48/52, support low-voltage
applications, have user-selectable frequency source and more...

And now, it include free version of Hitech PICL C compiler with C source-level
debug suport.

Check http://www.svtehs.com/en/products/scenix.htm for more details

For Scenix resoirces check http://www.svtehs.com/scenix.htm

Best regards


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