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Thread: Working dual-clock speeds
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Rich Ottosen wrote:
>Egad. You are absolutely right. The circuit cannot ever be biased
>correctly. No way to make it work.
>So that's 2 strikes against my poorly thought out idea. I ain't stickin'
>around for the third strike.  :-0

Hey, the weather is nice in CO - good day to go out for a walk :).

>Oh, well, I think it is time to use real gates and flip-flops to do it
>right. Maybe consider the SOT-23 single gate packages to keep from
>feeling that too much space is being used?

Can fudge a little at slower speeds, if you don't need 50% duty
cycle, as Roman indicated, but unfortunately looks like
gates/mux/something_extra needed at hi speeds.

best regards,
- dan michaels

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