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This thread has nothing to do with PICs. Please mark further posts on this
thread (after this one <GRIN>) with an [OT]:

And in general...

Putting this tag at the beginning of the subject line, causes the message to
be sent to people who have requested that only posts directly related to the
PIC be sent to them. Consider instead adding one of the following:

       This label is for topics that, while not necessarily about PICs, are of
general interest to the EE community.

       This label is for posts advertising a commercial product or service.

       This label is for posts that are completely off the topic of PICs.

I'm just pointing out that people who only want to read engineering post
about the PIC would not be able to filter out this thread by setting up the
list server or their email program to delete non-PIC subjects.

If you remember to add [EE]:, [OT]:, or [AD]: you can help retain people
(resources) on the list who don't have time or bandwidth to follow
non-[PIC]: posts.

You can post just about anything to the PIC list. Just mark the tread [OT]:
and that's enough for us. If list members don't like it... they can filter

As I have advised other before, if a list member doesn't like something said
in a post they can send the "offenders" <GRIN> a private email asking them
to mark [OT]s. If they get buried, maybe they will. ..or maybe they will
drop off the list and then part of the SIGNAL will be gone forever rather
than just buried in the noise. I don't want to loose your signal and I won't
keep sending you this "reminder" email if you reply and tell me to stop.

My goal is to keep people (like Tjaart, Scott Dattalo, and others and YOU)
from leaving the list rather than have their valuable time wasted by a rash
of off topic posts that are not tagged correctly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have other questions about
how to get the most out of the PICList, please see the PICList FAQ at:

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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