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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   Dan, it sounds like we are chasing around the `Net' about 5 mins from
>each other. Pull over at the next truck stop and let's have a beer ;-)


>   I ran across the links you mentioned and was up most all night finding a
>wealth of new info but I didn't bookmark many of them. I did run across an
>*EXCELLENT* site for motor info at:
>      http://www.us-epanorama.net/motorcontrol.html#general

Yes, think I mentioned that one - very good - and not just for
motors. Someone else mentioned ePanorama, and looks like a
really good site - finland.

>   There are so many sites but you have already seen them. As far as my
>project, it's evolving as I type... I'll followup on where I'm heading after
>I get some sleep and digest what I've run across tonight. I'm still debating
>R/S Tank or Scratch... I do know this; the platform and the drive are the
>hard part. Once I nail that down, doing the sensors and software is the fun
>part. Sensors are one of my strong points.

All in all, I think the 3-709 twin motor gear box kit at $19
from   http://www.RobotStore.com   looks most promising for what
you want - if you want to hack it. Unfortuantely, with my shaky
knees and woozy upclose vision [and no milling machine], I
am probably not wanting to build too much. Just lash my PIC
onto a pre-build platform that already has R/C control. Maybe
add some specialty motor control.

Re from scratch - by the time I lashed wheels onto some kinda
frame [hmmm, what frame??], added motor control and R/C
electronics, figured out how to do turning, etc/etc, it would
be 6 months.

The RS tank looks almost ideal - for the hack category -
although it may be slightly too fast. However, I plan to
investigate the bulldozers some more. They can't be very fast.
Toy-R-Us also has loaders and backhoes or something.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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