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Thread: how to support USB RIGHT NOW!
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but due to the speed requirements of USB
interfaces, it is generally considered to be outside the ability of the
standard PICs to support without USB hardware enhancement.

You can get the USB spec from
but we are talking 1.5 Mbit/sec to 480 Mbit/sec

Microchip has said that it will release some PIC's 16C745/765 with USB
hardware on board, Real Soon Now. But they haven't. So there isn't any code
or devices available. Right?

So that leaves:

If you don't mind using an external device
has application notes for thier NET2888 including firmware for the Scenix SX
28AC (An #15) which can be converted to the PIC using
Parallax to PIC source converter from Tony Nixon. It needs the .lst file as
well as the .src file to function correctly, so compile the parallax file
first using tech-tools
with the command CVASM16 <file>.src /L then press the ParaPic start button,
click on a Parallax .src file, watch the progress indicator on the form, and
voila, you have a PIC.asm file. Any errors are listed in the new .asm file.
The Dontronics / Scott Edwards conversion was done with the first version
and is being recoverted here so don't take that as an example!

Or better yet, you can use
Macros for using Parallax instructions with MPASM. Also Prlx.asm

The FT8U8232AM is claimed to be a cost-effective single chip USB UART
solution for transferrins serial data over the universal serial bus (USB).
It can be used to upgraded RS-232 designs to USB with minimal development
and cost.  The traditional approach was to redesign the product using a USB
microcontroller, however by replacing the RS232 level converter IC inside
the product with the FT8U232AM and installed the included drivers, the job
is done.  Features include transfer rates up to 920 kb/s (rs232) and 2Mb/s
(RS422/RS485).  Price is $3 each/1000.  For more details, call SAELIG CO,
LLC, VIctor NY (716) 425-3753. Enter number 419 at http://www.eepn.com

Anybody have any other ideas?

See also:
http://usbsimm.home.att.net USB SIMM (8051 with hardware USB support)
http://www.lvr.com/usb.htm USB Central

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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