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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   Dan, thanks for the info! Looking at the current R/S catalog,
>I can't find the T1 tank. The one they have is called "Sentinel"
>and the turret rotates though it's not clear how you do that
>based on the picture of the remote... 100 ft/min is too fast for
>my use and using PWM control to slow things down gives up a lot
>of torque. I wish I could see what's inside. I'll stop by my local
>R/S soon and see if they have one I can play with.

Hi Tom, speed definitely is a problem with any of these R/C toys.
The tank is by far the slowest of all the toys. The RS tank
probably is called Sentinel. It has 4 controls - left motor, right
motor, cannon fire, and turret rotate. The turret obviously has a
only a simple motor-cam mechanism, as you hold the button and the
cannon sweeps back and forth, covering maybe 50 deg total.

Re PWM control, somewhere I saw a comment about getting more
torque by using PWM than by controlling the current thru the
motor - full-size_voltage/current_pulses vs
continuous_variable_current. Is this not true?

Re seeing the innards of a tank, I published some links last
week, one showing the insides. I am sure they are all similar.
Here it is:

- really nice picture of model tank innards - 2 motors, geared
 way down, not sure how they synchronize the speeds:

Now I know how they synchronize the speeds - they don't. "You"
just push the 2 motor buttons manually.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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