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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom and others,

I went and played with the Radio Shack toys this weekend. The
T1 tank is nice and slow [100 feet/min] and powerful, but hard
to control by hand -[these are not your kid's 15YO hands, I guess].

The 2 tread drive motors have separate R/C channels and you have
to control them individually. To go straight you push both
controls forward at the same time, etc - you compensate for
different motor speeds manually. Turning is not pretty. Punch
one motor and the thing swings around like crazy.

The other one I looked at was the Buzzsaw 4WD, high/low-gearing
monster truck. Goes 500 feet/min in high gear, lots slower
[not-specified] in low. Has bang-bang steering, but still lots
easier to control than the tank. With a variable H-bridge on
the motor, this one may be doable - if it still has any torque
left with the motors running at less than full current.

The tank may be easier to control by computer than by hand,
but I think you would definitely need to measure motor RPMs to
get it to go straight.

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
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