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Thread: Query wrt MPLAB simulation
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Sharon Brady wrote:
>I am running some simulations using interrupts on the 17c44 using MPLAB.
>due to not been able to look at my inputs on PORTB, I have changed them to
>outputs to control the different operations.
>I am forcing an interrupt when the bits on portb change.
>this all works fine except that we have noticed when RBIF =1, the program
>continues for another 2 commands before jumping to the interrupt.
>Is this a peculiarity with MPLAB or will also this occur when I use the pic?
>If this does occur, is there a way to prevent it happening?

Hello Sharon,

I noticed your query to piclist lanquishing for an answer all day,
and also perceive you are not a regular [???]. Now, I personally
have never used the 17C44 nor have I ever used MPLAB, so do not
pay any attention to what I am going to say <grins>. Usually,
however, if someone/anyone says something/anything on piclist,
it will wake up the resident "experts" and they will hop in and
make all the necessary corrections. So here goes:

1 - Don't use MPLAB simulator - it's more trouble than it's worth.

2 - Besides that, the simulator is no darn good for simulating
   "real-time" events, such as RS-232 or other interrupts.

3 - You cannot do interrupts on the 17C44 anyways.

4 - Besides that, the d/s says there will always be a "latency"
   for external interrupt events, and for 2 cycle instructions, the
   latency "could" be one cycle longer [this probably means, "if"
   the interrupt occurs during execution of a 2-cycle instruction].

5 - Why use a processor that no one on piclist knows anything about?

6 - Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain [who is telling
   you things here he knows nothing about].

7 - Where are all the piclist "experts" anyhow? --> Hello !!!!

best regards [and hope you get a correct answer],
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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