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Thread: FastReset rev 2
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It is (updated) and has been at

and does no one see the little message on the bottom of every piclist.com
page that says:

"PICList.com members can LOGIN to post questions, add public or private
comments, links or even new pages(!). To start, fill out the form."

Once you log in, you can actually add notes, pages, routines, links,
comments, questions, etc... directly to the pages you are looking at.
Instantly. Without me. Do use HTML <PRE> and </PRE> tags around code
listings, etc... and don't stress if its not perfect... I get an email with
every post and I can go back and edit stuff to fix it if something goes

Ask Nik, he uses it pretty regularly to post updated version of his
routines, point out bugs, or broken links, etc...

Anyway, the piclist.com site is for storeing answers derived from the
PICList, and I hope eventually I can reduce the amount of time I spend doing
that by allowing list members to directly post.

Thanks for the update Morgan.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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