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At 12:09 AM 11/18/00 +0100, Morgan Olsson wrote:
>Bob Ammerman wrote:
>>Um, if it has never been done before, why is it called REsearch?
>Good one :)

Cause it's taken from Italian..

>In some connection: I am researching to install a fire alarm here...
>Can some native english speaker tell me the difference between flammable and
inflammable ?
>It sounds to be opposite but from what I have read it seem to mean the same??


Should you be careful with a solvent that s inflammable? Absolutely. The
trouble with flammable and inflammable is that they mean the same thing. The
prefix in- is not the Latin negative prefix in-, which is related to the
un- and appears in such words as indecent and inglorious. The in- in
is an intensive prefix that is derived from the Latin preposition in. This
prefix also appears in the word enflame. But many people are ignorant of all
this and conclude that, since flammable means  combustible,  inflammable must
mean  not flammable  or  incombustible.  Therefore, for clarity s sake, you
should use only flammable to give warnings.

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