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Thread: Using PIC oscillator output to drive divider?
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At 03:22 PM 11/17/00 -0500, Andrew Kunz wrote:
>I stand corrected.
>I also noticed that the OSC2 pin outputs a sine wave.  Aren't those better
>trapezoids for preventing harmonics?

It's "choose your poison".  Sines have lots of even harmonics, squares have
lots of odds. People often think that a sine dosen't cause EMI because it
dosen't have hard edges. You can't get away from it completely, but you can
control it.

The R serves two functions, toning down the edges, and also providing a
terminating impedance for the track.  The track will be somewhere in around
100 ohms or so. (very dependent on layout)  But, a 100 ohm resistor will be
a lot closer, and support less ringing, than an open circuit (idealized
gate) or short circuit (idealized driver)

You can trim up the resistor values on the production boards, to get the
best match.

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Subject (change) Using PIC oscillator output to drive divider?

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