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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   Dan, if you do get that tank, please keep us informed. I may get
>one. I thought about using the turret platform for IR or ultrasonic
>sensors. Like a RADAR. Depending how sturdy it is, it should be
>possible to mount other sensors. I'm sure it's cheap plastic but
>you could always mount something else to the motor.

I still like the 4WD trucks with low-range and turbo boost,
but need to find someone who can actually tell me what the
specs are - none of the salespeople or websites seems to carry
this kind of info. Yesterday, I talked to the R/C car
"specialist" at one of the local hobby shops on the phone
- about 15 YO, and all he knew from was how fast would
his car go - he, he.

However, the idea of 2-motor drive and revolving turret for
panning a sensor has lots of appeal too. And I imagine the
plastic cannot be "too" cheap, else these things wouldn't
last a day in normal use.

- danM

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