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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   John, thanks for the info. Actually I should check there and Toys'R'Us.
>could save $$ by getting rid of the R/C. Like Dan, I'm interested in
>operation. I've decided to add a 2nd H-Bridge with a PIC16F84 to my
>That way I can control two motors via RS-232 or direct serial input. My IR
>proximity detector uses a PIC12C508. I'm definitely keeping things modular.

Actually, I am favoring the idea of initial Rs-232 inter-comm,
followed by autonomous operation, followed by having a 2-way
R/C link - one for control-out, other for sense-feedback
from the car/tank - one 27, other 47Mhz. Would probably buy
the "cheapest" R/C toy I could find to get the 2nd [feedback]
link. Both links would be kinda slow, but shoot - "autonomous"
means you're basically on your own.

- danM

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