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Thread: How to control a motor
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Mr Trouble wrote:
>So anyway, how would you rationalise all the best from turtles, cute
>puppies, rovers and the like to make a learning robot ? I'd like to
>get into robotics more but not just for the sake of it. For all the effort
>of designing and building one I'd want it to be able to self-modify
>and actually perform tasks, rather than just run around the house
>chipping paintwork or nose-diving into the cat's bowl

I for one don't want to spend a lot of time building something
mechanical - since I don't have a milling machine [durn it - fond
memories of end-mills churning thru aluminum], so that's why I
was looking at doing an RC-car/tank hack.

Also, if by "rationalize" you mean to endow your creation with the
mental power of a rover/etc [dingo ????], then you are probably in
line behind all of the AI labs in the universe.

You might, however, take a look at Rodney Brooks' stuff I mentioned
previously - I esp like his approach - based upon the idea that
there is an entire globe full of organic-animatronimals that
sustain robust existences without the advantage of possessing
higher brain capacities --> ie, insects for instance are extremely
successful beings, vis-a-vis survival, but of course, they are
dumb as bugs - also, elephants are not the sort you want to
get in the way of if ticked off, but then they are also not
smart enough to play chess either - if you catch my drift
here ----

-[if you don't, the point is you can get lots of very complex
survival-prone behavior out of beings that aren't all that
bright - Brooks' idea is "bottom-up" rather than classical
top-down AI - start with something robust enough to survive for
more than 2 msec, then add "layers" of higher-control to that
- basically the concept behind bottom-to-top ordering in
the animal kingdom - start simple]:


"A Robust Layered Control System for a Mobile Robot"
"A Robot That Walks; Emergent Behaviors from a Carefully Evolved Network"
"Intelligence for Miniature Robots"
"Elephants Don't Play Chess"

[hmmmm, probably way past my bedtime]
- danM

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