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At 02:10 PM 11/14/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Whenever someone mentions the FSR (file select register) they
>always seem to quickly [religious reference deleted] and then
>add, "But I would never do it this way".   The FSR seems like
>the obvious way to collect a short frame of data and write
>it to a group of registers in memory.  Is there a dark side
>of this mechanism I need to know about?

No - so long as you understand the concept of indirect
addressing. Only thing wrong with the FSR is there aren't
two of them -[rectified on some newer PICs].

Just pay attention to the paging bits as others have mentioned,
and use the following to load a variable address into FSR:

movlw   variable_name
movwf   FSR

Using < movlw > is the key.

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