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Thread: Sample makefile for Hi-Tech command line compiler
face BY : steve@tla.co.nz

> I simply cut-and-paste that line to my command buffer and away it goes.  You can
>  have CW parse the errors, but I think you'd need to get Clyde involved for that
>  one.  It's certainly do-able, as Tech-Tools and MPLAB can handle it.

I use Multi-Edit but I'm sure CW would have very similar facilities.
I press F9 for a compile while in the editor and have options defined
for full compile, debug compile and compile to AS. I generally just
change the device type for each new job.
For example, the editor spits this string into the void

PICC -O -Zg -S -M<FILE>.MAP -E -16C622 <FILE>.<EXT>

and then I have this wonderful gobledegook set up for error handling
for HiTech C:
Regular expression search

Don't ask me to explain it, but it made sense at the time and allows
me to step through the errors. No Clyde required.

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