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Thread: LED dot matix dsiplay
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BG micro (http://www.bgmicro.com) has another option. Their ACS1076, which is a HP

This is also a 4-digit 5x7 dot matrix 0.2" LED display. This one, however,
is much smaller. The 14-pin package is the same size as a DIP16. The
characters are 0.2" on center, and they are end-to-end stackable.

They are supposed to be quite bright (readable in direct sunlight!), but
they suck major current (as much as 500ma when fully lit)

The price is quite a bit lower: $1.19 for 1-9, $.89 at 10+.

These are no where near as smart as the others, however.

Basically, they contain a 28 bit shift register to define the current input
for the 7 rows of each of the four digits. There are 5 separate column
inputs that must be driven in sequence.

The basic operation:

1: Load the 28 bit shift register with the pixels for column 1 of each

2: Enable the first column driver.

3: Delay

4: Disable the first column driver.

repeat steps 1 through 4 for the other 4 columns.

go back to step 1.

The PIC, in this case must continuously refresh (multiplex) the display.

A PWM drive can control the brightness.

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