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Thread: Crystals and Cap's
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At 12:49 PM 11/13/00 +0000, Digital Signal Processing wrote:
>> I do not think changing any of the other pins from what works
>> with your 10Mhz crystal will change anything
>So really I may be looking at a set of duff crystals then? You can't see any
>reason why my 10MHz one works but none of my16MHz ones do?
>I'll try to get some ranging from 10MHz, 12, 14, 16 ,18 20 etc etc just too
>see if it's the frequency, or the batch of crystals I'm using.
>What can kill crystals? Infra-red soldering?

Par/Ser is important, if you want them dead on freq.
Microprocessors use paralell resonant crystals.
A series xtal isn't guaranteed to operate in paralell, but I've never seen
one fail to.

Shock or too much drive level will crack the crystals.
IR (within reason) won't kill them.

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