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Thread: external program code on a memory chip
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I just received this reply from Loren, and wanted to forward it to the list.

To summarize, the SX port of I2L (compiled XPL0) is at
and the main XPL0 (zero not oh) page is at

Loren and Richard are very interested in continuing the development of the
language (both of them really) but have not seen any interest(!).

This is a great opportunity to make available the ease of use of the STAMP,
the speed of the SX and, at the same time, solve the program space problem.

If there is any interest at all, I would be willing to put (some) money into
it (prize? pay?), as well as web space, time and what ever else it needs.

James Newton
SX FAQ: http://www.sxlist.com

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/lib/mem/index.htm?key=memory
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