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Thread: Crystals and Cap's
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> The data book dosen't tell you what value caps to use. The crystal spec

Yes sorry. I meant the spec on the crystal. It says Load Capacitance = 16pF

I swapped it for two 16MHz crystals and still nothing and changed the Caps
to 2*16pF rather than 2*22pF and still nothing. Yet when I put on a 10MHz
XTAL it all sprang into life. Weird.

The microchip site lists something about putting a parallel resistor across
OSC1 and OSC2. I tried 2Mohm and still nothing.

I'll just keep trying.

I have set the XTAL mode of the PIC to be HS (although XT or HS didn't make
any difference to the non-working setup)

Oh and I've also tried a 20MHz crystal as well and still nothing. I must be
doing something really silly. Why will the 10MHz one work and not the 16MHz.
Surely it can ony be the capacitance? Do I just try loads of different

Thanks for the replies.


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