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Thread: Syllabic Integrator
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Can someone please explain estimate and syllabic integrators. I've
looked around and keep coming up with the same three very similar
web pages eg


I'd like to replace a DSP chip that performs CVSD  (Continuously
Variable Slope Delta) functions for converting waves to SRAM data.
The block diagram of the chip's input section shows the 10-bit ADC,
comparator, estimate integrator, and syllabic integrator. The output
is an adder + 10-bit DAC

The chip produces a stream of 1-bit differences between samples
on audio range frequencies at 64k samples/sec. Is it possible to do
this in s/w (with external ADC/DAC) ? I like what the chip does and
would want to keep the same specs

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seeking: ubicom lib io ir irda
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=syllabic+integrator
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